Trivia Around the Clock to Support Our Communities!

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) and the Missouri Slope Areawide (MSA) United Way invites you to assemble your team of heroes and join us for our inaugural 24-Hour Trivia event on November 2nd at the Elks Lodge #1199 in Bismarck!

Important Dates!

  • Event check-in for teams:  Friday, November 2nd from 5 PM to 7 PM
  • Round 1 begins:  Friday, November 2nd at 7 pm
  • Event ends: Saturday, November 3rd at 7 pm (awards after)

Location:  Elks Lodge #1199

400 S. Washington Street in Bismarck, ND.

Join Us!

Interested in playing but don’t have a team?  No problem!  There are plenty of teams who are still looking for individual players. Please fill out the form to the right and we will post your name for team captains to reach out to you. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Individual Player(s) Request Form

Hourly Themes (To Help You Schedule Your Players)

  • 7 pm (Hr 1): 60s & 70s
  • 8 pm (Hr 2): 80s & 90s
  • 9 pm (Hr 3): 2000 to Present
  • 10 pm (Hr 4): Sports
  • 11 pm (Hr 5): Audio Speed Round (movies/music/tv)
  • 12 am (Hr 6): Out of This World
  • 1 am (Hr 7): Misc
  • 2 am (Hr 8): Misc
  • 3 am (Hr 9): Audio Speed Round (movies/music/tv)
  • 4 am (Hr 10): Misc
  • 5 am (Hr 11): Misc
  • 6 am (Hr 12): On the Road Again
  • 7 am (Hr 13): 60s & 70s
  • 8 am (Hr 14): 80s & 90s
  • 9 am (Hr 15): 2000 to Present
  • 10 am (Hr 16): Sports
  • 11 am (Hr 17): Audio Speed Round (Family)
  • 12 pm (Hr 18): Family Hour
  • 1 pm (Hr 19): Wizards, Dragons, & Damsels in Distress
  • 2 pm (Hr 20): Board Games
  • 3 pm (Hr 21): Audio Speed Round (movies/music/tv)
  • 4 pm (Hr 22): KNOWth Dakota
  • 5 pm (Hr 23): Mission is Guessable
  • 6 pm (Hr 24): Audio Speed Round (movies/music/tv)

Three Champions To Be Crowned

Trivia Champions

Trivia Champions

We will crown the team with the most trivia points the TRIVIA CHAMPIONS.  They’ll go into our Hall of Fame as TRIVIA HEROES.  Check out our trivia rules to find out how you can earn trivia points!

Grand Champions

We will crown the team with the highest combined trivia AND fundraising points the GRAND CHAMPIONS.  They’ll spend the next year passing around the traveling trophy and go into our Hall of Fame as TRIVIA SUPER HEROES!

Fundraising Champions

Fundraising Champions

Each team will earn ONE point for each dollar they raise.  We will crown the team with the most fundraising points the FUNDRAISING CHAMPIONS! They’ll go into our Hall of Fame as the MOST GENEROUS HEROES IN THE WORLD!

Trivia Format and Categories

We will ask at least 30 questions per hour (10 STANDARD, 10 AUDIO, & 10 VISUAL).  At least five of the hours will feature 60 questions audio speed rounds! CATEGORIES WILL INCLUDE:


Bring the kids for the family-friendly trivia from 11AM to 1PM on Saturday!

Trivia Rules

Here are some of the rules to give you and your team a sense of how the trivia portion of the event works.

  • We will ask 30 questions per hour delivered over three rounds.
    •  Round 1 will be ten standard questions.  After each question, your team will have approximately 60 seconds to discuss the answer before we move on to the next question.  Once we move on, we will not repeat questions.  We will provide scratch pads for you want to write the questions down.
    • Round 2 will be ten audio trivia.  The categories will range from movies, music, television, famous speeches, literature, and pop culture.  We will play the questions as many times as we can in 60 seconds.
    • Round 3 will be ten visual trivia.  Your team will receive several copies of the visuals which contain ten images along with ten questions.  These sheets will be handed out at the beginning of the hour along with the score sheets.  Your team will work to solve the visuals during the first two rounds.  Once 2nd round (audio) is over, your team should have all thirty answers on the sheet.
    • Speed Rounds:  During all hours listed an Audio Speed Round (see schedule) we will ask 60 audio questions during the hour.  It’s going to be fast-paced and worth a TON of points (see scoring below).
  • Once the hourly rounds are over, teams will trade answer sheets.  We will quickly go through the answers and correct the sheets.
  • Scoring:  Each question during the contest will be worth at least 120 points.  We will split those points between all of the teams who come up with the correct answer.  If your team is the only one with the answer correct you will collect all 120 points!  We call this a “Hogger.”  Since the average points per question will be approximately 15-20 points, a 120-point Hogger or a 60-pointer can win the hour for your team.
  • Prizes:  The team with the highest, unique score at the end of each hour will win prizes for each team member sitting around the table.  To improve every team’s chance to win prizes, your team cannot win prizes in back-to-back hours.  There will be plenty of prizes handed out over the 24 hours to make sure all of your team gets several prizes!
  • Hourly Team Limit:  We are limiting the number of team members around a table during any hour to 12.  We will give you planning sheets to help schedule your team members throughout the 24 hour event.  During the family hours, children (under the age of 14) are not counted towards your team count, so the more kids the better.  Trust us, you will need them!
  • During each hour, cell phones will not be allowed while we are asking questions.  Once the score sheets have corrected and turned in we encourage you to capture team moments and share them on your social media channels with the hashtag #NISC24.
  • Spelling:  Unless we ask for correct spelling, a phonetically correct answer will receive credit.
  • Names:  Unless we ask for the first and last name or just first name, we will accept last names as a right answer.

Team Entry Fee = $1,000

The more money we raise together, the bigger of an impact we can have on our Bismarck and Mandan communities!  It’s HERO TIME!  Just think about it.  If you have 50 people on your team (spread out over the 24-hour event), that’s only $20 per person!  So ask all of your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to join you!  Remember:  Each dollar raised earns your team ONE POINT!

Fundraising tips for your team:

  • Ask each participant to get pledges from businesses, family, and friends.
  • Ask a business to sponsor all or part of your team’s entry fee.

The bottom line is to remember to tell them that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR we raise goes directly to the MSA United Way.

Examples of what your team’s entry fee will provide include…

  • Provide 20 nights of shelter for a victim of domestic violence.
  • Provide 4 months of meals delivered to a homebound senior.
  • Help 6 children avoid going hungry over the weekend for an entire year through the United Way Backpack Program.
  • Help support one of the many programs that the MSA United Way has running in our communities!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in Bismarck and Mandan’s original trivia marathon for charity!

We are here to answer any questions you have.  Please contact us at any time.

Use the Hashtag #NISC24

24 Hours of Trivia Presented By: